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Golaš car parts | About us

Golaš car parts | About us

Golaš is a company with tradition and recognition in the world of auto-body parts. We have started business back in 1965 in Belgrade, Serbia, and have been continuously growing ever since.

Today, Golaš is one of the leaders in Europe in production and trading of auto-body parts. Our product portfolio includes: Sills (side panels), rear wheel arches, floor panels, fuel tank filling hole repair parts, front and rear panels, cross members, bumper reinforcements, door bottoms, etc. for numerous European, Japanese, Korean and American vehicles, including old-timers, SUV's and vans.

We dedicate ourselves to every piece that comes through our hands, tools and machines, which makes our products recognisable for their precision and quality.

We are also capable of meeting your demands in producing parts suited to your specific demands. Apart from producing above-mentioned products, our trading range also includes other auto-body parts such as bonnets, front fenders, bumpers, headlamps, rear lamps, side mirrors, indicators, grills, fuel tanks, etc. You can see our catalogue online on homepage.

In case you have a business proposal or any question, comment or suggestion, please do feel free to contact us:


phone: +381 11 2085-169; +381 11 2085-269 (08:00am - 16:00pm CET)

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